The Monster Maker Elite Training,  is an organization dedicated to helping aspiring, collegiate, and professional  athletes

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Monster Maker Elite, spearheaded by Sean Washington, a Washington, D.C. native now residing in Miami, Florida, is not only fueled by over 30 years of experience in professional sports but also enriched by his background as a former athlete. Sean's firsthand understanding of the athlete's journey further enhances the organization's ability to provide comprehensive and effective training programs


The Monster Maker Elite Training envisions a future where aspiring, collegiate, and professional athletes transcend their potential in an environment meticulously crafted to foster academic and athletic commitment, excellence, integrity, and personal development unlocking one’s full potential in basketball, and we provide a culture of knowledge, understanding, and discipline to empower our athletes to succeed at the highest levels.


Our mission is to offer student-athletes the opportunity to strive in an environment that promotes the highest levels of academic and athletic commitment, excellence, integrity, and personal development.Our educational and athletic programs follow four basic principles: To promote the well-being of student participants; to attain and maintain competitive excellence; to administer clearly, openly and responsibly; and to support the overall goals of the foundation.

Private Training

At The Monster Maker Elite Training, we stand unrivaled, boasting a legacy of working with top-tier professional and collegiate athletes, including track Olympians. Our commitment to excellence has solidified us as the go-to choice for those seeking unparalleled athletic training and development. Join us on the path to success where champions are made

Meal Prep

Embark on a transformative journey with our partnership with TTEOL INC Meal Prepping. Tailored for athletes with specific weight goals, our collaboration integrates healthy recipes into personalized meal plans, ensuring a strategic approach to weight gain or loss based on their positions. This offering not only optimizes performance but also reinforces the significance of a well-balanced diet in the endurance and success of athletes throughout demanding seasons.

Mentorship & Consulting

The Monster Maker Elite Mentorship Program is a transformative initiative where seasoned athletes and professionals lend their expertise to guide and inspire the next generation. Our program fosters a supportive environment, providing aspiring individuals with invaluable insights, personalized advice, and a roadmap for success in both their athletic pursuits and personal development.

"You should never stay at the same level. Always push yourself to the next"

Monster Maker Alumni

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